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Commercial Savanna Meat Goats for sale

Please call for availability and questions @ call 651-368-2177  or  651-248-7443 

Goat Peak Ranch introduced Savanna blood into its herd production. Over the last ten years we have seen a remarkable growth & health difference in the Savanna meat line compared to the Boer. We now have Savanna/Crossed commercial meat goats available. Great for herd improvement or starter herds.

Don't be caught without the most important part of your livestock protection program. Livestock Guard Dogs will keep out snakes, eagles, humans, coyotes, Mt Lions, Bobcats, and other intrusive dogs. These are large, healthy LGDs, ready to work to protect your herd or family.

Pure!! Our Savanna's are DNA verified for accurate and responsible breeding.  We are one of the very few in the Savanna Industry that can prove the pure Savanna bloodlines!

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Phone: 651-368-2177  or  651-248-7443   

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29527 County 2 Blvd Red Wing, MN 55066
gpr@goatpeakranch.com  or azmeatgoats@msn.com

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