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a Goat Peak Ranch is a Savanna Meat goat ranch located near Red Wing, Minnesota. We sell goats, farm fresh goat meat, range free chickens & eggs, goat milk soaps, soy candles, and fresh garden produce.

Goats for Sale

Semen Available


Breeding stock-Savanna's are DNA verified for authenticated & traceable from Cilliers, Olierivier, & Yulanda bloodlines.

DNA'd semen from our breeding stock is also available

Savanna-DNA'd, Spanish & Boer crosses for commercial meat production

We rent out our goats for invasive species & fire control on weeds & brush

Invasive Species,

 Fire & Weed  Control

We love Buckthorn!

On Farm

Goat Meat

Free Range Chickens

Free Range Eggs

We sell goat meat, naturally raised for a heart healthy red meat, with no added hormones.

Our meat is also for sale at the Rochester's Farmers Market, along with Hand Made Goat Milk Soaps, Infused Olive Oils, Soy Candles with Infused Essential Oils, Goat Leatherworks & Skulls, and Luminaria.

We Ship and Use Square for Credit Card Purchases.


Goat Milk Soap & Lotion

Soy Candles

Goat Skulls & Hides

a Luminaria

Livestock Guard Dogs

a Retailing our Meat at Simple Abundance in Red Wing, MN

a Restaurants: Gorka Palace - Minneapolis. MN

a Downtown Farmers Market - Rochester, MN

Goat Peak Ranch has been raising goat meat for 20+ yrs, originally Arizona Meat Goats. Our meat is naturally raised, heart healthy, and hormone free.

We offer Savanna & Crosses, Savanna Semen, and other goat products.  

   Savanna's have advantages that other goats Don't: Parasite resistance, faster growth, heartier in the field, much better mothering instincts-no human intervention and excellent milk producers.  

See how a Savanna buck can change your next kidding.

GPR is Now Featured in: "Goat MEAT, MILK, CHEESE" cookbook by Bruce Weinstein & Mark Scarbrough


Contact Information


Phone: 651-248-7443   or   651-368-2177

Mailing Address:


29527 County 2 Blvd Red Wing, MN 55066



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Members of: World Wide Sheep & Goat Archives (WWSGA),

Working Dogs of America, & American Meat Goat Association (AMGA)

Iowa Meat Goat Association

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Holistic Management of weeds & brush utilizing goats!